Sincerely Funny
Resilience is Brilliance


"Roger Revak's message will change your life. He is a rare speaker who can make you laugh at your heartaches and want to jump out of your seat to take action."

Craig Valentine – 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

"...Bravo! The staff and board members are still raving over your presentation two weeks after our banquet. The work you put into tailoring your presentation specific to our theme and audience was stirring. The demands our organization faces in providing chemical dependency rehab and community correction is sobering. Your insight and inspiration were appreciated more than you know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your words, for your candor, and for your inspiration..."

Nancy Shaner - Duluth Bethel

"...Your presentation was filled with exuberance for life and humor. Your heartfelt message of sharing your own personal journey of a near death experience resulted in life affirmation for us in the audience. Your sensitivity and insight provided us with guiding principles for living our own lives more fully..."

Diane Menard - Meeting Planner and Chisago High School Special Education Teacher

"...Roger's speech "The Adversity Factor" was both entertaining and thought provoking. I was inspired by how Roger has prevailed over the many obstacles placed in his path. Everyone will benefit from hearing and seeing him speak."

Paul Lindemann - LIfe Office Management Association Society of the Twin Cities - Minnesota

"...Roger is a dynamic speaker for all ages. His passion is evident as he presents a serious message in a fun, uplifting way. Audiences are energized, entertained, and motivated! Yes, Roger is sincerely funny..."

Bonnie Laabs, Professional Speaker

"...Authentic -- that's what I like best about Roger! His sincere motivation to help others find opportunity and humor in life's tough times inspired me to look at my challenges in a new way. It was a dose of hope!..."

Linda Larson - Toastmasters International

"Roger Revak was a wonderful speaker to listen to and work with. He researched and catered his presentation to be specific to our organization. He also delivered one of the best motivational speeches we’ve heard in years."

Linda Berghuis, Training Officer MN Jail Programs & Services

"What makes Roger Revak's story unique is the way people feel he is talking specifically to them in a crowded room.  He has a way of sharing his story in a realistic humorous way that builds a very quick personal connection with members of the audience.  Our organization of people who are “giving of themselves” all the time had a priceless opportunity to be “given back to” by Roger, with heartfelt tears, hysterical laughter, and sincere humble gratitude.  You will walk out of Roger’s time spent with you with a renewed idea of what “living in the moment” means and with specific strategies to get you there…in just one moment.  I highly recommend taking a journey with Roger Revak!"  

Nicki Weller, Epsilon Sigma Alpha - Minnesota Educational Chair, 2008-2009

"Roger is an awesome speaker....a real performer! What he did for us while he was on stage was simply mind transforming! He kept us intrigued and on the edge of our seats while we never knew which way he was going next! Simply stunning! His presentation is heart touching and humorous and well worth the attention!"

Jan Ridenour, Executive Director, Dickinson County Kinship, Inc.


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