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Resilience is Brilliance


"You Must be PRESENT to pass Happiness 101"

Even though the present is beautiful place to live, surprisingly it is not that crowded. Roger will show how you can go to that place between the guilt and disappointment of the past and the fear and anxiety of the future, that spectacular place called the present.

"Compassion for the Caregiver"

Show appreciation for quality service and inspire your people to go the extra mile. Roger engages the audience with humorous personal stories to describe character, perspective and perseverance. As someone who survived a life-threatening brain tumor operation, Roger would not be alive if it were not for people serving people. Roger shows his compassion for the caregiver by giving his sincere thanks to the audience for the aforementioned qualities they possess.

"The Brilliance of Resilience"
Do your people have the ability to cope with the current stress we all face in today’s current economic climate? Highly resilient people have a knack for creating good luck out circumstances that many others see as bad luck. Roger Revak is a humorous motivational speaker who has experienced personal hardship. Each time he has bounced back and ended up in a better situation than before he experienced the hardship. Roger has been laid off (twice), divorced and survived a life-threatening brain-tumor operation. Roger has developed a practical strategy, which includes taking inventory of your strengths, creating creativity, developing a passionate plan, executing the plan with laser focus, and keeping your sense humor through it all. Roger’s personal stories will engage the audience with drama and laughter, while he teaches the members of your organization how to cope with the uncertainty of the current economy. Resilient people and organizations expect to rebuild their disrupted situation in a new way that works for them, and the struggle to overcome adversity develops new strengths in them.

Presentations are 30 – 90 minute keynotes. All presentations will be customized to meet your needs and specifications


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