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Internal Vision: A Ten-Day Journey to True Happiness


"I think this book is great! It is the kind of book that you need to carry with you everywhere you go, to read and practice each day. Like most humans, I am forgetful and need to be reminded of these things often!"

—  Janet Adams Program Coordinator Goodhue County ADC

"I laughed. I cried. I loved it. This book shows transformation in its truest sense and provides guidance and methods Roger used to get through to the other side. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is facing a difficult time in their life."

—  Catherine Cardenuto Owner Festive Finale

"Roger Revak has turned his personal victory into a road map to success for all of us. With a story that is touching yet funny, he shares powerful lessons anyone can use to be happier and healthier. I especially like his down to earth examples. This book is both inspirational and "how-to"! Buy extra copies of this book and give them to the people you care about most. You'll be glad you did."

—  Kevin Stirtz, author of: "More Loyal Customers"

"This is a book with advice that can apply to anyone who has stress, anyone who doubts oneself, anyone who isn't sure of their purpose in life. Roger weaves several compelling stories of life challenges into a witty guide for the heart and soul. He provides a thought-provoking framework that coerces the reader to think deeply and honestly in order to find true happiness and self acceptance...and who couldn't use a healthy dose of both in these times? Enjoy, learn, reflect and smile."

—  Beth Jett / Managing Editor, Main Anchor for KQDS-FOX 21, Duluth, MN

"Through Roger Revak's eyes we see his journey to find peace and true happiness within himself.  I recommend this book to everyone who works in the Vision industry.  This book shows appreciation for the Vision industry and reminds us of the significance of our chosen profession.  It also reminds all of us, inside and outside of the vision profession, to keep our perspective on life, and to laugh."

— Dr. David Duff, Optometrist

"The change is real; I've witnessed Roger's transformation first hand."

— Steve Revak, Roger's brother

"I have always believed that true success is not something you go outside and get but rather something you go inside and become. Roger Revak shows you how to tap into that wonderful place that brings real success, significance, and true happiness. Internal Vision can change your life."

— Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking Founder, The Communication Factory, LLC.

"Roger Revak's book Internal Vision reveals his journey, as we identify our life trips.  We all stumble, fall and trip.  Roger's story of his ability to walk on in awareness was truly a vision.  Though we may not have a physical brain tumor we all have either operable or inoperable defenses and bad habits.  Internal Vision will ask you to look at your own need to change.  Roger's career as humorist and motivational speaker allows him to see the funny in the serious, which is what all of us must do to survive.  Interal Vision will bring you to a sweeter place and one of gratitude."

— Janie Jasin Speaking for over Thirty Years Author of the Littlest Christmas Tree

"In this era of uncertainty, it's great to have a self-help book that is easy to navigate!  There are stories, examples and learning points that are easily applicable to your current situations...whether business or long as it's about self-exploration.  It's practical, easy to process and can be linked to action if change is what you seek!"

— Amy S. Tolbert, Ph.D., CSP ECCO International Principal

"As a cancer survivor, I wish I had been given Roger's book on the day I received my diagnosis.  The Lessons Unlearned that he provides would have made my journey so much less terrifying.  However, being a survivor is not a requirement to benefit from this book.  Roger's  Lessons Unlearned can help us meet all of life's challenges." 

— Charlie Wilson, Professor of Mirth, Learning with Laughter, LLC.

"Roger Revak is an extremely funny man with an extraordinarily important message. As a humorous motivational speaker and author, Roger's authentic message provides a beacon for anyone searching for true internal peace and happiness.

"Like all important and impactful authors and speakers, Roger Revak's powerful message comes from his heart and real life experiences. His new book, 'Internal Vision - A Ten-Day Journey to True Happiness' is an indispensible road map for anyone traversing the many challenges of life. Based on his ten-day journey that began with a routine visit to an eye Doctor that led to extensive surgery for a brain tumor, Roger Revak's "Internal Vision" is a must read for everyone who seeks true happiness through internal peace and strength.

"Simply put, readers of "Internal Vision" and listeners to Roger Revak's presentations will be energized and rewarded by his powerful uplifting experiences and his improtant "lessons unlearned."

— Dr. Lyman K. Steil, CEO and Chairman International Listening Leadership Institute, Author of: "Effective Listening: Key to Your Success"; Listening: It Can Change Your Life"; and, "Listening Leaders: The Ten Golden Rules to Listen, Lead & Succeed"

"It takes a great deal of honesty to confront many of Roger's life experiences. Internal Vision, manages to communicate to the reader a strong message of personal redemption that can help the individual lead a more rewarding and complete life."

— Andrew Scheu, Commercial Lender and Outdoorsman

"Roger's journey will inspire, encourage, and give hope to those who are struggling with their direction in their own lives. His practical approach and simple, yet deep resounding exercises will uplift and add value to your life. He reaches to the depth of the heart when he speaks about loving one self. Internal Vision is a reference text that can be used over and over to bring about "happiness" in one's life. I am pleased and thankful that this man and this book crossed my path in life."

— Paul De Baca 8th degree Black Belt, Vice President, United States TaeKwon-Do Federation

"In 'Internal Vision', Roger shares his personal story of how he viewed his medical diagnosis as an opportunity to embrace every moment of life. He provides the reader valuable tips on how to live life with an attitude of gratitude and to recognize that each day is truly a gift."

— Selina Blatz, CNP, Women's Care Nurse Practitioner, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

“Roger has given us a tremendous gift of insight. In these times of great challenge and change, each of us needs to believe, make better choices, and be more focused on a daily basis. My happiness and your happiness depend on our ability to see more clearly.

"Roger has wrapped the gift of sight in this special book for you. In these times of great challenge and change, you need to believe, make better choices, and be more focused on a daily basis. Your happiness depends on it. Choose well.”

—  Mark LeBlanc, Small Business Success, Author, Growing Your Business!


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