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The Published Works of Roger Revak now available!

Internal Vision: A Ten-Day Journey to True Happiness

  • book imageAre you searching for real happiness?
  • Are you going through tough times?
  • Is someone close to you going through tough times?

Internal Vision is a story about turning a difficult situation around and finding true happiness, peace and strength within your self. Roger Revak takes the reader on his ten-day internal journey which begins with a routine visit to an eye doctor and leads to an extensive brain-tumor operation. LEARN MORE!


"Roger’s story reminds one to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. To stop and smell the roses. . . To really smell the roses. . . To touch and feel the roses. . . To see the roses like it’s your first time, or maybe your last."

—  Todd Howard, Delta Airline Captain

"The ten-day journey that will last a lifetime.  Roger lays all of his cards on the table to show how his life changed.  Then he challenges you to change yours.  Internal Vision is a moving book with specific calls to action that will challenge your current perspective.  The exercises in the book are great.  The passion he shares for his life and family will move you.  Buy the book, read the book and most importantly do the book." 

— Stuart Gray, President, 4 Remarkable Service

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"Your Audience will be treated to an Abundance of Humor"

Roger Revak image
Roger Revak is a humorous keynote speaker who has a unique talent for telling serious stories in a funny and entertaining way. The audience stays engaged with his combination of serious stories and self-deprecating humor. This combination of seriousness and sense of humor creates likeability. Likeability is what enables Roger to inspire and motivate.
"Your Audience will be engaged with Serious Stories"
Roger Revak draws from life experiences, including being bullied in high school and surviving a life-threatening brain tumor operation. He tells serious stories with important messages and a lot of humor. Roger keeps the audience engaged and laughing while he inspires and motivates them to live in the present, appreciate life and be happy.
"Your Audience will Leave with a Powerful Message"
Roger Revak’s humor and stories have universal appeal and all presentations are customized to meet the needs of your audience. Book Roger Revak for your next convention or event. LEARN MORE!

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